Get the perfect guide on Kapha Dosha from She Ayur...

Get the perfect guide on Kapha Dosha from She Ayurveda

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We are super excited to see the responses given by our readers after reading our blogs. Based on the feedback given, most among them were of difficulty faced by them in finding the best detoxification treatments in Calicut. So we thought of preparing a blog post that will help them to solve their issue.

So why waiting? Let’s start!

Kapha is one among the Tridoshas in Ayurveda. Like the Vata Dosha and Pitta Dosha, Kapha Dosha also possesses certain features. The identity held by Kapha Dosha clearly gives an idea of its behaviour and the way it influences the affected person. The basic nature of Kapha type constitutes smooth, non-judgemental, dull, moist, heaviness, cravings for spicy foods. The list goes on… Detoxification methods should be carried out in order to eradicate the negative impact of these Doshas.

Kapha Dosha generally emphasizes the qualities of water and Earth. It holds a “sticky” feature.

Always keep in your mind that, these features predominate a person having Kapha type nature mentally, physically and emotionally. These can be the reason for your strengths and weakness as well.

  • The smooth quality delivers smooth joint functioning.
  • The moist feature portrays a moist and cool skin.
  • Heaviness is some sort of feature that makes you feel strong and have good stamina in nature.  
  • When it comes to non-judgemental quality, the person will possess an inactive attitude towards every issue.
  • Similarly, with the dull quality too, a fade behaviour is being picturized.

If you are an individual holding Kapha Type, above mentioned features will be influencing throughout your daily routine. If you eat any kind of cold food item at night, the Kapha will increase in your system. The next day you can feel like an increase in your body weight and so on. Let’s examine this particular instance in detail. Cold food item consists of cold, moist and dense quality. Also, you are consuming this food at night. Night signifies cold feature. Likewise, by cross-examining your day to day behaviour, you can easily figure out the manner in which you are related to your Dosha Type.

So as to reduce the effect of your dosha type it is good to practice habits that are complementary to the existing Dosha. By consuming food holding bitter nature, we can decrease the Kapha Dosha. Many more practices are prevailing.

All you need to know is where can you get the best treatment facilities and assistance for such dilemmas. Well, you are in the right place. It is She Ayurveda. She Ayurveda is exclusively for women who are searching for the No.1 Ayurvedic treatments in Calicut. We offer the best in class detoxification treatments in Calicut. In this busy life, for quick healing, people often choose dangerous medical practices. You can always trust Ayurveda as it doesn’t hold any sort of side effects. The major advantage of Ayurveda is that it offers holistic treatment methods. By identifying the Prakriti of an individual, separate medical treatments are prescribed. Fra all the ladies out there at Calicut, we deliver the best in class detoxification treatments in Calicut.

She Ayurveda, for your future self!


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