Exfoliate your beauty with She Ayurveda

Exfoliate your beauty with She Ayurveda

ayurveda treatment center in Calicut

Ever thought of getting a complete diagnosis from the perfect Ayurveda treatment center in Calicut? Well, we have a perfect solution for that. But before that, let’s have a glimpse to the basics of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is considered as one of the traditional medical practices prevailing in India all over the world. The fame created by Ayurveda is due to the holistic approach put forward by it.

Ayurveda considers the wellness of the mind, body and soul entirely. It stands way different from other medical practices mainly because of its approach in treatment. Ayurveda doesn’t treat for the disease alone. It finds the reason for that particular disease and helps you with the treatment & sure for that cause. And that’s the reason why Ayurveda is said to be a no side-effect treatment.

Let’s check out the basic factors that constitute Ayurveda:
  • Vata Type
  • Pitta Type
  • Kapha Type
  • Vata-Pitta Type
  • Pitta-Kapha Type
  • Kapha-Vata Type
  • Tridoshic Type

It will be a long write-up if we are planning to discuss all the above-mentioned factors. Therefore, we’ll discuss one by one in detail.

Vata Type

In general, the Vata type is of dry, cool and light. For the people who hold Vata type as predominant, they will possess Vatta nature throughout their psychological and physiological behaviour.  For a person with a predominant Vata type, it reflects in his/her strength and weakness as well.

  • When it comes to dryness behaviour, it shows dry and frizzy hair, nails, skin and moreover, they feel “dry” emotionally.
  • The cold quality will be having a behaviour of cold feet and hands. They may be feeling colder than the others and will desire intensely for warmth.
  • Talking about light behaviour, the slender impact is one of the major ones that project out. This, in turn, results in light bones, underweight and even leads to serious health issues.

Above discussed is just a quick tour through the major characteristics of Vata Type. So as to get rid of such Doshas find the opposites of them. You may be able to find the opposite practices for them. But you may not be sure about how to apply them in a proper manner. For that to be carried out, you need assistance from skilled and experienced doctors. Where can you get Ayurveda treatment center in Calicut? We have She Ayurveda for you. She Ayurveda offers a wide variety of treatment facilities. Being the leading Ayurveda treatment center in Calicut, we deliver the best beauty treatments in Calicut. The beauty treatments we offer are of 100% Ayurvedic. We deliver various services including anti ageing treatment in Ayurveda, physiotherapy for women, Women wellness center and many more.

Think Positive, Think She Ayurveda!


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